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This application regulates the process of lending customers money and then follow and keep track of the customers payment monthly and notify late payment on the period you choose and generate reports of customers.
Application features: –
• Add customers
• Add multiple firms. Each firm have their own customers, contracts, financial reports etc.
• Add contract details including monthly installment
• Add amount to customers
• Discount
• View amount of customers
• Knows the customers late amount
• keep track of late payments
• Two option for late customers 1. By difference of days i.E. Customers who have been not paid for 30 days. 2. By day of month i.E. Customers who have been not paid on a specific date of month
• Send message to all late customers at once
• Send message on paid up
• Knows the total current month remaining installments of all customers
• Knows the total Installments of all customers
• Multiple contracts of a customer (can sale multiple items to one customer)
• See individual’s customer details
• Advance amount of a contract
• Per month installments
• Installments paid
• User can view remaining installments
• User can view remaining amount
• User can view Late amount
• User can share all type of reports through WhatsApp, email
• Contact with the customer via WhatsApp, Direct call or send message
• Search customers by name or phone
• Adding multiple investors to a business
• Knows the investors clients
• Profit ratio of the investor
• Profit and loss investor vise
• Total sale of investor
• Total purchase of investor
• Net profit
• Shows each investor’s clients separately
• Payments of investors
• Equity capital of investors
• Remaining equity of investor
• Payments to the investor
• Water mark on report on full payment
• The backup feature of your database on the device or Google Drive to be safe from not losing informasyon and restore it when needed.
• Application settings you can control some user options.
• No advertisement
• Supports URDU language
• Supports English language (default)
• Current month remaining report (shows more details which necessary)
• Payments by dates report
• Total sale report
• Zero remaining report
• Payments of individual customers report
• Paid up (when customer paid) report

* Paid version features: –
– You can add unlimited clients
* Free version limitations: –
– You can add up to 5 clients
*The application does not copy or store anything away from the users device There are some permissions to fetch the customer number quickly, and also quickly connect to the client and store the database in your own device or in your account Google Drive.

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