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EZ Notes Lite is intended to provide a small flavor of the Full version of EZ Notes. To find the Full Premium version of this App on the Google Play Store, you can easily locate it by typing EZ Notes into your search box and looking for the same Logo as this Note Taking app. Thousands of Mobile Organizers are enjoying EZ Notes and downloading the Pro Version to gain Ultimate Mobility and Time Savings. The Pro Version of EZ Notes provides several advanced voice features and note taking functionalities that greatly enhance Note Taking Mobility.

Demo of Full Version: ➙ http://tinyurl.Com/jmnncqe

This Lite Note Taking organizer enables users to familiarize with EZ Notes, learn the UI, and get a feel for some of its note taking features. For the best Note Taking experience on EZ Notes, countless fans are upgrading to the Pro (Full) version of EZ Notes. Your upgrade and support of the FULL (Pro) version of EZ Notes helps us hisse for Development Costs (amp; time), ISP costs, ongoing Maintenance of the codebase, and much more! Thank you for Supporting EZ Notes.

The Pro Version of EZ Notes delivers the following Bonus features amp; receives regular updates, enhancements, and bug fixes. Be sure to upgrade to the Pro version to enjoy the best experience and help support our note taking projects.
(1) With the Pro version, you receive our awesome Home Screen Microphone (Voice Transcription function) for automatic saving quot;on-the-flyquot; Voice Notes (Ultimate Mobility!)

(2) The EZ To-Do Cards application for managing and sharing weekly To-Do Lists.

(3) Microphone Voice Recording function for the Editor, so you can speak notes as well as type and format with Rich Text! Our Editor is truly awesome and a wonderful place to be

(4) Enjoy the Best Rich Text Formatting (Advanced Markup) functions not commonly found in other Note Taking Editors. It provides countless features like setting Font Size, Font Colors, Bold, Italicize, Bullets, Photo Capture, Font Types and more !)

The built-in Product Help — for EZ Notes Lite — describes and covers all the functionalities of the Pro version as well. This helps our customers learn about the Advanced Pro features before they upgrade and begin enjoying all of the awesome advanced features and tools in that Pro Version.

We are confident you will greatly benefit from EZ Notes in your daily life! No other Note Taking app özgü been engineered from the ground up, to help maximize your Mobility, Time Savings, reduce Hassles, and Preserve your Privacy from the cloud.

Your upgrade to the Pro Version is greatly appreciated, as it helps with Development Costs, Web Hosting Costs (for storing our built-in Product Help, Drawing Tutorials, and other online Resources we offer), and it helps hisse for ongoing maintenance and enhancements that take a lot of development time and effort.

Thank you for your support and please refer all of your dear friends, families, and students to help support EZ Notes.

❤ EZ Notes is developed in USA ❤
EZ Notes is helping countless worldwide users Achieve Ultimate Mobility, Android Device Efficiency, and User (data and device) Privacy. EZ Notes is the most non-intrusive and slim (efficient) Organizer of its class, so be sure to help us by sharing this wonderful organizer on a regular basis with your connections (͡• ͜ʖ ͡•) ????

• We provide outstanding Support
✔ EZ Notes built-in Product Help
✔ EZ Notes (email) Developer
✔ EZ Notes Facebook Group
➙ http://tinyurl.Com/jegk6ea

(͡• ͜ʖ ͡•) ???? Thank you for Supporting EZ Notes. Your awesome STARS, Comments and re-sharing of this App helps us reach and serve more people. Kindly take a moment to provide your STARS and Feedback on our play store to help EZ Notes. ❤


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